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Your Skin and You by FOREO

FOREO: For Every One

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If I mention FOREO, I’m sure you know what brand I am talking about! It is a true worldwide phenomenon and they have managed to revolutionize beauty technology. Influencers, celebrities and people like you or me: Nobody resists this brand and its products, but it is normal, I have tried them and the change in my face is incredible! So now even my toothbrush is FOREO.

Only the name of the brand was already a declaration of intent: FOREO: “FOR Every One”.

Born in Sweden, from the beginning they have been able to create products that work … Really!

Today I want you to know their products and the benefits they can bring you. Are you ready?

Your skin: Curiosities

The skin protects us from external agents, it is waterproof, it is a mutable organ capable of adapting to inclement weather and even capable of eliminating waste from our body. Like the most modern current technology: it has sensors and is even capable of manifesting possible problems in our body: with color changes, spots, skin eruptions.

If you read us frequently you will know that I am a “very fan” of curiosities. Can I tell you some about the skin?

1- The skin is the largest organ in the human body.

2- The skin of men and women is different: that of men is 20% thicker and contains more sebaceous glands.

3- The skin has memory. For this reason, it is important to take care of and protect it from a young age. Burns such as those caused by the sun can have significant consequences after many years.

4- A bad diet and harmful habits can accelerate the aging of your skin.

Mistakes in facial care that you should avoid: Yes or Yes!

1- Have adequate facial hygiene: Although it seems obvious, everyone is not totally aware of how many importance it has. Dermatologists recommend that we cleanse our face twice a day (in the morning and at night before going to bed). It is advisable to use a good facial cleanser and a toner that helps to balance the pH of the skin after cleaning.

2- Take good care of hydration: Any type of skin, whatever it is, needs to be well hydrated. Otherwise, the skin may be over-producing oil to compense the lack of moisture.

3- Do not be constant: Consistency is the key to success and any purpose in life. If you want to notice the effects of adequate facial care, you must be constant in it.

4- Choosing an inappropriate product: We always insist on the importance of being advised by a specialist. Not all products work for all skin types. And it can happen, what is good for me can be not good for you!

5- DO NOT go to the dermatologist: If we go to the mechanic to solve a car problem, we should use the same logic for our skin problems and treatments. A dermatologist will always be the one who will best advise us and help us to be cared for and healthy.

6- Do not use photoprotection: It does not matter that you live in places where it is common for it to rain. UV rays don’t just age us in summer. Photoprotection must be used all year round.

Benefits of a facial hygiene. Expert level!

Taking care of yourself is much easier than you imagine. It is about being constant in our routines to achieve desired effects. Cleaning and removing make-up is not enough to keep your skin cared for. It is necessary at least once a month to give it a deep cleaning that removes impurities that can end up clogging the pores and not allowing the skin to breathe. Remember that the skin of the face is thinner and more sensitive than that of the rest of the body and also, it is much more exposed to pollution and the negative effects of external agents.

1- With clean skin, the makeup that you apply on it is better absorved.

2- Acne problems are reduced or less aggravated with proper facial hygiene.

3- When you take care of your skin, you delay aging.

4- Prevents the appearance of wrinkles prematurely.

5- Reduces the fatigue.

6- Increases hydration, a fundamental point to avoid expression lines.

7- With good hygiene we can say “Goodbye” to blackheads.

8- A very positive benefit is being able to have well-oxygenated skin.

9- Thanks to good facial hygiene, the cosmetic products that you use will be more effective.

And now that I have already told you about our skin, its curiosities, the mistakes we sometimes make with it and the benefits of taking care of it: We are going to take care of and pamper our facial skin!

Foreo Products:

When somebody ask me: Which is the best Foreo device? Always I say the same: All! But all depence what type of device you need for your skin. Foreo has differents face brush and toothbrush.

Cleaning and massage devices:

FOREO LUNA 3: Thoroughly cleanse your face and give it a pleasant massage. It removes dirt from your face thanks to its T-Sonic pulsation technology. You should choose the color of your Luna 3 according to your skin type: Normal, Mixed or Sensitive. Achieving illuminated and firmed skin is possible with this device. I love my Foreo Luna!

Foreo luna 2 vs luna 3: The main differences between LUNA 3 and LUNA 2, is that it has 30% longer filaments (which allows it to reach deeper pores), its filaments are 25% softer than the previous version (even more delicacy for the treatment of your face!) and with 16 types of sonic intensity.

FOREO LUNA 2: Your anti-aging massager that exfoliates your face and removes accumulated dirt and fat on your face. You will visibly reduce fine lines in areas where wrinkles usually appear.

FOREO LUNA 3 Mini: Say goodbye to dirt, oil and dead cells on your face in 30 seconds thanks to the Glow mode. The differences with his “big brother” Luna 3 are:  The Foreo Luna 3 Mini has 12 speeds and provides up to 400 uses per full charge. While The Foreo Luna 3 has an Anti-Aging Mode, has 16 speed and provide 650 uses per full charge.

FOREO LUNA Plus Smart 2: Its 24-karat gold-plated sensors analyze hydration levels, age and skin type to deeply cleanse.

FOREO LUNA Play Plus: It is the size of a cotton pad: Ideal to take anywhere with you! Its AAA batteries are replaceable. In a minute, twices daily, your face will be clean and radiant. Taking care of yourself has never been so easy!


Your favorite facial brush.

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Massage device for eye contour:

FOREO IRIS: Normal mode replicates manual massages, but with greater effectiveness. Spa mode combines a gentle touche with pulsations. It is great for skin that begins to show the passage of time!

Acne Treatment Device:

FOREO ESPADA: With the power of Blue Light and T-Sonic pulsations, Foreo Espada eliminates clogged pores, pimples and blackheads. It is clinically proven to heal acne prone skin by eliminating it.

Toning facial device:

FOREO BEAR: This magnificent device helps you to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to reaffirm the control of the face.

Devices for mask treatments:

FOREO UFO 2: Smart device that transforms traditional 20-minute treatments with conventional masks into a pleasant 2-minute beauty ritual!

The masks we use are based on the famous Korean formulas. Foreo Ufo treatments increase collagen production and skin tone, among many other benefits.

FOREO UFO: Smart device that incorporates a combination of temperature and sonic pulsations. Heat enhances the penetration of the mask formula. The LED light and cold reduces puffiness and firms the skin!

Masks and serums:

The masks and serums that complement the devices are as important as those devices.

They are professional treatments, but without leaving the comfort of your home. In less time than manual treatments. You won’t believe their results unless you try them!

You have also masks according to your needs or what you want to treat: Revitalizing, Ultrahydrating, Anti-aging, Balancing oily skin …In my opinión: Foreo is in the list of brands with the best skin care products.

And if everything I have told you was not enough, it also has a foam to eliminate impurities and a serum to recover the elasticity, firmness and smoothness of the skin of your face.

If you need more information about each product: do not hesitate to click on the links for each product and you will find even more details about this marvel of products.

I am satisfied with the results that I have been noticing after starting to use my LUNA 3 device (By the way! Foreo Men? Yes!There is a LUNA 3 FOR MEN version 😊) my face is no longer so dull, nor does it look like getting less sleep at night: it’s what having babies at home has to do with it! Ha ha!)

I hope this information has been useful to you. Let’s go! Enjoy your Foreo products.